Barcelona Airport Parking

Barcelona Airport Parking

Where to park at Barcelona airport?

Barcelona Airport Discounted Parkings

Both terminals at Barcelona Airport have their own parking facilities. No problem parking near terminals T1, T2, T2a, T2b, T2c. On the other hand, a long-duration car park is located between the two terminals.

Short or long-stay car parking, minute drop-off, prices, payment methods, schedules, and shuttles between your parking space and your terminal. We'll explain everything!

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Car Parking at Barcelona airport T1 Terminal


Terminal T1 at Barcelona Airport has two public car parks with more than 12,000 parking spaces. The first car park consists of two nine-storey buildings with 9,400 parking spaces and an outdoor car park of 1,600 parking spaces with direct access to the T1 terminal. A second, long-term parking lot is located 2 kilometers from the T1 terminal.
108 spaces are reserved for people with reduced mobility in these two car parks.

Parking rates at Terminal T1 of Barcelona Airport:

Minutes 0 to 30 minutes: 0.021218 euros per minute
From minute 31 to minute 60:0.033596 euros per minute
From minute 61:0.027309 euros per minute
Maximum per day until the 4th day: 20.95 Euros per day
Maximum per day from the 5th day onwards: 16 Euros per day

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Car Parking at Barcelona airport T2 Terminal


The parking lot at Terminal T2 at Barcelona Airport offers approximately 13,000 parking spaces, of which 2,300 are located near Terminal T2c and 2600 in front of Terminal T2a. Both car parks are accessible by a raised passage.

All other parking spaces are in the open air in front of the terminals.

Parking rates at Terminal T2 of Barcelona Airport:

Minutes 0 to 30 minutes: 0.020600 euros per minute
From minute 31 to minute 60:0,0326174 euros per minute
From minute 61:0.026513 euros per minute
Maximum per day until the 4th day: 20.95 Euros per day
Maximum per day from the 5th day onwards: 16 Euros per day

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Barcelona airport parking map


Parking Barcelona El Prat: Directions of use

  • All car parks are also permanently monitored and have 24-hour customer service.
  • As these car parks are subject to a charge, you must bring a ticket at the entrance and drive slowly (10 km/h) once inside. Respect the parking areas, some pitches are reserved: any badly parked car is systematically removed!!
  • Before leaving the car park, you must first pay for your ticket before taking back your vehicle. To do this, there are 21 automatic payment machines located at the entrances of the terminals, but also at the pedestrian entrances of the car parks and at the entrances of both a raised passageway.
  • After making your payment you have 20 minutes to leave the car park.
  • If you have lost your parking ticket ask for the information service by pressing the button available on all automatic payment machines or go to the information center.
  • If your car battery is flat, the parking assistants will help you get your car running again for free.


Barcelona Airport Long-Stay Parking

The long-term car parking at Barcelona airport is located at an equidistance - about two kilometers from terminals T1 and T2 on the road that runs from one to the other. (See map). The official Spanish name of this car park is AENA LARGA ESTANCIA (long-term). This car park is the most economical way to leave your vehicle for a long period of time during your stay. Don't worry about the smooth running of your journeys in the airport, this long-duration car park is linked to the terminals by a free shuttle bus.

This car park provides 24-hour monitoring and assistance for users.


Barcelona Airport Long-Term Parking Rates:

The price of the car park varies according to the duration of the parking, count between 47 and 50€ for a week's pass.

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What is the duration and frequency of the shuttle transfer between the long-stay car park and your T1 or T2 terminal?

The transfer time between the long-duration car park and the T1 or T2 terminal is approximately 4 minutes.

The frequency of transfers between the two terminals and the car park is one rotation every 20 minutes.

The shuttle bus for this car park is a yellow minibus not to be confused with the green shuttles connecting the two terminals.


Hours of the shuttle bus from the long-term parking lot:

The free shuttle service runs from April to September from 4:30 a. m. to midnight and from October to March from 5:30 a. m. to midnight without exception all year round.

If you don't see a shuttle bus you have the possibility to call her, she will arrive within 5 minutes.


How to get from Barcelona airport to the long-stay car parking by shuttle?

On the way, all is very well indicated to find the shuttle from the car park which will take you to your terminal in a few minutes.
When you return, the route is different depending on your arrival terminal:

For arrivals in T1: Follow the hotel directions, continue along the covered walkway to car park G and take the elevator or staircase down to the minibus stop.

For arrivals in T2: The bus stop is located between the T2b and T2c terminals.

In both cases, you have to look for the sign with a large yellow P and the inscription: Larga Estancia (long duration).


Geographical coordinates of the long-term parking lot:


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@Anne (13 Jun 2023 - 08:56)
Hello Anne,
You do not need to pay clean air zone fee to park at the airport if travelling from Benidorm.
More info on this page

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  1. @Anne - (13 Jun 2023 - 08:56)

    Hello Anne,
    You do not need to pay clean air zone fee to park at the airport if travelling from Benidorm.
    More info on this page


  2. Clean air zone - Anne (13 Jun 2023 - 08:52)

    Do I need to pay clean air zone fee to park at the airport if travelling from Benidorm ?

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    A quel parking dois-je me garer pour être le plus proche du terminal pour un départ à Lanzarote ?


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    I el numero de terminal

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    Gràcies per la vostra resposta.

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    Una buena opción, es la de un parking barato cerca del aeropuerto.
    Le recomendamos AeroParking Barcelona, tu aparcamiento de bajo coste tanto para el aeropuerto de Barcelona como para el puerto de Barcelona.

    Ofrecen un servicio y un trato al cliente muy recomendables, además de que el servicio no está saturado y te trasladan con comodidad tanto al aeropuerto (terminales T1 y T2) como al propio puerto.

    Las tarifas son muy económicas e incluso disponen de servicios adicionales de lavado para tu coche.

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    En el terminal T1 son 2 parkings, uno interior el otro exterior!
    Hay precios differentes entre los dos ? Exterior menos caro?
    Tiene el exterior accesso directo al parking interior y al terminal 1 ? con ascensor o escalera para atravesar la carretera?

  27. parking longue durée 'larga estancia) - (3 Jul 2011 - 10:00)

    por favor quierro saber si el parking larga estancia se encuentra por los dos terminales,tengo de tomar un vuelo ryanair y me parece que esa compania se situa en el terminal 2. llamo de francia es porque mi castellano no es muy bien. Gracias de su respuesta

  28. samuel - samuel (23 Feb 2011 - 01:15)

    era de esperar, parece que no tengan otra cosa a hacer que en vez de recuperar i reutilizar infrastructuras, ala, gastar dineri con nuevos por ampliar aeropuerto se consumirá más. Si hay colas no es porque es pequeño, sinó porque no se hacen las cosas correctamente. Primero hay que gestionar bién lo que ya tenemos.

  29. Los grandes números, los que nos arruinan. - (23 Nov 2010 - 02:59)

    La nueva T1 es muy bonita, pero ha costado seis mil millones de euros.

    Sólo los intereses (SÓLO LOS INTERESES) de ése dinero darían para pagar el sueldo a 4.000 (CUATRO MIL) presidentes del gobierno cada año (CADA AÑO).

    Con la T2 se cubrían costes y no había aviones esperando. Ahora entre la T1 y la T2... no consiguen mover a tantos viajeros como antes con la T2 (cosas de la vida el AVE les ha restado cinco millones de pasajeros a Madrid).

    No se sabe cuando se recuperarán los pasajeros.

    De momento entran ganas de llorar viendo decenas de miles de plazas de aparcamiento vacías... La tercera parte de las puertas "antiguas" cerradas... la T1 a medio gas, la T2 desértica... la T1 que no pasa los controles de homologación europeos...

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