Best Shops in Barcelona - Barcelona Shopping Guide

Barcelona is a wonderful city for shopping. From luxury shops, to the young designers of the city or the shops of classic articles, make Barcelona one of the most important cities, if not the most important for the market in Spain. Beyond this extraordinary variety of styles and shops, the good news is that Barcelona is a European city at bargain prices. The main Spanish brands do not hesitate - all year round - to make discounts of up to 30% of the prices that we will find in other European capitals. Our advice is not to overload your suitcase for the trip.


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The women's fashion is particularly well represented by the big brands that have all them stores in Barcelona, ​​but also with young creators more and more present. The man will also find easily with what to fill suitcases as well as gourmets as well. We have found it convenient to create a portfolio with designer shops and interior decoration because Barcelona is a leading city in this field.

To know:

 Opening times: most of the shops and shopping centers are open from 10.00 (10am) to 20.30 (8:30pm) or 21.30 hours (9:30pm). Traditional shops open from 10.00 (10am) to 14.00 hours (2pm) and from 16.30(4:30pm) to 20.30 hours (8:30pm)
 Sales: the winter sales generally begin in the second week of January and last until the end of February and the summer sales begin on 1st July and last until the end of August.
 How to pay: most people pay in cash or with a credit card, when you must show your passport or identity card.
 Tax Free: residents from outside the European Union may have their Value Added Tax (VAT) returned for purchases of more than €90.15.


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Shops &Fashion: The lastest shops in Barcelona

Every week we present new stores in Barcelona. Stores of well-known brands or new interesting and innovative openings, always with the idea of facilitating your search and offer you new discoveries. We find absolutely everything in Barcelona: clothes, shoes, dresses, jewelry, accessories, creations, unique pieces, vintage, antiques, design, sport, beach, beauty, wellness ... The idea in this section is to talk about stores that stand out either because of its originality or the quality of its products. Among the trends in 2017 we will focus on points of sale - these stores at bargain prices - and the new Spanish brands, brands that are only found in Barcelona ..

  • Zara Barcelona

    Zara Barcelona

    Zara has its biggest shops in Barcelona

    Zara is certainly the most famous of the Spanish clothing chains.  Zara is a brand renowned for its fast, affordable fashion. 

    Ciutat Vella - Pl. de Catalunya, 5
  • Herboristeria del Rei - Barcelona

    Herboristeria del Rei

    A historical gem, exceptional products

    L'Herboristeria del Rei is a famous herbalist's shop in the Gothic quarter of the Catalan capital, close to La Rambla. Founded in 1823, it is one of the oldest herbalist shops in Europe..

    Barrio Gótico - Carrer Vidre, 1
  • Domingo Cigars - Barcelona

    Domingo Cigars

    Adios Gimeno, Viva Domingo Cigars!

    Gimeno, our favourite civet, has changed its name to mark its 100th birthday. Domingo Cigars is now located at the same address, and we'd like to wish it another century!

    Barrio Gótico - La Rambla 100,
  • La Fabrique - Barcelona

    La Fabrique

    Artisanal and eco-responsible bread!

    Yes, at the moment we're craving good, real bread... Hence this second bakery, "La Fabrique", which we visited in just a few days.

    Barceloneta - Carrer de Radas, 35

Shopping in Barcelona in 4 main sections!

It is clear that we will find more variety for women than for men in Barcelona. But is it not the same in all the great cities of the world? The fact is that men's fashion is not forgotten and you can find happiness in sports shops, true craftsmen, young designers and some concept stores dedicated to them. Lovers of design and decoration of objects are not forgotten in the land of Mies van der Rohe. It should be remembered that department stores are the perfect fast way to go shopping, and that the main brands are in one place being the products presented a result of a selection of the most rushed. El Corte Inglés, to name only the best known of them. Finally the markets in Barcelona are the most authentic way to go shopping, have a drink or eat some delicious tapas .. If some, like the Boqueria Market, are a bit too crowded, our selection offers you an offer not often Known around the world, leaving a little of the traditional trails.

Shopping for men in Barcelona

For Men

Shopping for men in Barcelona: our selection of best shops for men in Barcelona

Best Interior design shops  in Barcelona

Interior Design

Interior design and furniture shopping in Barcelona: our selection of best shops for Interiors design in Barcelona

Best Department Stores Barcelona and Shopping Centers in Barcelona

Department Stores

Best Department Stores and Shopping Centers in Barcelona city centre!

Barcelona Market


Do like Catalans, make your daily shopping in the city markets, have a drink, have tapas, find friends

Women shopping in Barcelona: the Spanish brands

Mango, Zara, Massimo Dutti, Custo, Desigual, Adolfo Domínguez are Spanish brands known all over the world. But there are many more designers to discover in Barcelona. Ese o Eset and Código Básico are two Barcelona brands perfect for basics. Bimba & Lola, a brand present in one of the shops of Bulevard Rosa, is known for its jewelry and leather goods. The list of these marks is long, and many of them are only present in Spain. Take advantage to know them, since they also have attractive prices throughout the year.

  • Desigual shop


    Desigual: a clothing shop in Barcelona that is not the same!

    Eixample right - Passeig de Gràcia, 47
  • Mimi - Barcelona


    Romantic fashion at low prices ..

    To discover the Madrid women's fashion brand « Poète », a single address in Barcelona: Mimi...

    Eixample left - Carrer d'Enric Granados, 118
  • Too Much - Barcelona

    Too Much

    Too Much but never enough...

    Too Much Barcelona opens its doors on a statement certainly to be taken in reverse: "No, we never have enough of Fashion! "

    Eixample left - C/ Mallorca, 243
  • Colmado - Barcelona


    Full of nice things..

    Colmado means "full of things" and this is true, this fashion shop is full of things made by worldwide creators... 

    El Born - Mirallers, 5
  • Shopping women in Barcelona: Young Catalan and Spanish creators

    The "Made in Barcelona" has the best winds in Barcelona. Many young artists claim their ties to what they say is the "city of geniuses." And it works. Away from the "ultra-marketed", these young artists and designers play the card of small series or unique design pieces, original, with a history and a place of manufacture. These young designers do not hesitate to open small prêt-à-porter stores. We find these local brands in neighborhoods like the Gòtic, the Born, the Raval and Gracia in particular. For lovers of different, the "No-Logo" fans, here you have a selection:

  • Ivori - Barcelona


    Fashion the Barcelona’s way

    Ivori is another example of shop which will make you discover young Catalans creators...

    El Born - c/Mirallers 7
  • Colmillo de Morsa - Barcelona

    Colmillo de Morsa

    Trendy designers!

    Colmillo de Morsa is a shop of young creators full of energy, ideas and talent... 

    Eixample left - C/Vic,15
  • Med Winds - Barcelona

    Med Winds

    A Barcelona’s wardrobe!

    Since 2011 Med Winds takes as a starting point the Mediterranean culture to create a fashion, light and luminous like a beautiful day of summer...

    El Raval - c/Elisabets, 7
  • Zazo&Brull - Barcelona


    The new Barcelona‘s designer touch

    Zazo&Brull is a shop and studio by two local designers, to visit absolutely if you went to know more about today Barcelona’s touch in Fashion...

    Eixample right - Mallorca, 315
  • Outlets or shopping at factory prices in Barcelona!

    In recent years Barcelona has become increasingly known for its outlet stores. These points of sale are specialized in selling products at reduced prices. The word went quickly to the common vocabulary, since now there are many fashionable outlet stores in Barcelona. Most are brand stores, or malls that bring together multiple brand stores - some of the most important ones, such as La Roca Village, are located on the outskirts of Barcelona - where the brands are sold at good discounts for stock purposes and changes of season. It's really worth taking a walk around ... you're sure to come home with a few bags. Here is a small selection:

  • Bulevard Rosa

    Bulevard Rosa

    Bulevard Rosa: a shopping area in the heart of Barcelona.

    Eixample right - Paseo de Gracia, 51
  • Montana Outlet  - Barcelona

    Montana Outlet

    Great prices on dozens of brands

    With several stores in Barcelona, Montana Outlet offers end of stock at really interesting prices throughout the year.

    Eixample right - Girona, 41
  • Shop

    Nice Things Outlet

    A colored and light women fashion.

    Nice Things Outlet is the factory outlet of a Spanish brand known for its colored and fun clothing.

    Eixample right - C/ Girona, 38
  • La Roca Village Tickets

    Luxury shopping experience at an outlet mall

    Grab a 40-minute guided bus ride from the center of Barcelona to a center of bargains, and back again. At the popular La Roca Village you'll have access to 130 bargain boutiques. This VIP card gets you an extra 10% off already discounted brand name and designer goods. Live well, shop hard.

    From € 12.00

    Gourmet purchase in Barcelona

    This is an area that is now unisex. The gluttony! Gluttony is not a sin in Catalonia, but the contrary. You can reserve a good space in the suitcase for certain products that are essential for the return home. At the top of the list, the meat. Remember you are in Catalonia and Spain. In Barcelona you will find the delicious Jabugos, Pata Negra, Bellota, chorizo, loin from the south of the country, but also the Catalan sausages as "fuets". Noteworthy Spanish and Catalan cheeses: Manchego, Manqueso .. it would be a sin not to take some bottles of wines from the Empordà, Penedès, Cava, Tarragona. The denominations, as old as the vine, abound in this region. Chocolate, cakes, sweets, jams, cigars .. The list of sweets is long. These are some good places.

  • La Botifarreria de Santa María

    La Botifarreria de Santa María

    La Botifarrería de Santa María, just behind the Santa Maria del Mar church. The specialty are the home made “Botifarras”, catalan sausages...

    Ciutat Vella - Santa María, 4
  • Cornelia & Co - Barcelona

    Cornelia & Co

    For trendy gourmets...

    A lot of charm at Cornelia & Co, which is the ideal place in Barcelona to do your shopping, to eat or to find an original gift...

    Eixample left - Carrer de València,225
  • Zona d'Ombra - Barcelona

    Zona d'Ombra

    In search of Catalan wines..

    At Zona d'Ombra it's a real treat to discover ecological wines of exclusive producers and sublime quality tapas...

    Barrio Gótico - Carrer Sant Domènec del Call, 12
  • Entre Latas - Barcelona

    Entre Latas

    Paradise in can

    Practical and often beautiful, gourmet can is a must for every kitchen. In Barcelona Entre Latas has made it his specialty!

    Poble Sec - Carrer Parlament 7
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    The ideal hotel for your stay

    Whether you are looking for a family or a business stay or just for a weekend, we have selected for you the best hotels in the city to choose from. All categories at all prices. But also the bargains according to your travel dates. Have a good stay!

    Barcelona Hop-On Hop-Off Bus tour

    Barcelona Hop-On Hop-Off Bus

    Best City Tour: One single ticket, 3 routes and 45 stops!

    Discover city sightseeing at your own pace with our selection of Hop-On Hop-Off bus tour tickets. An extraordinary and economic way to make the first connection with main tourist attractions.

    From € 31.00
    Hola Barcelona Public Transport Card

    Hola Transport Card

    Unlimited access to public transport

    Enjoy unlimited access from 48 to 120 hours to Barcelona's public transport: Metro, bus (TMB), urban railway (FGC, Zone 1), Montjuïc funicular, tram (TRAM), regional railway (Rodalies de Cataluny) + 1 round trip from the airport to the city center. Only excluding NitBus, Aerobus & hop-on hop-off.

    From € 16.40


    1. Wonderful jewellery shop - Thomas (15 Feb 2022 - 10:48)

      Hello everyone! I just want to recommend a jewellery shop in Barcelona with exclusives and truly iconic designs:

    2. sport outlet cheap shoe shop - john (2 Dec 2021 - 09:20)

      i find really good shop to buy nike or other brends sport shoes in good price. barcelona, el born, higly recommended

    3. open again !! - fandy (9 Jun 2020 - 08:38)

      it's great that all the stores are open again. we need to open the borders now.

    4. Barcelona Spain - JC31 (3 Feb 2019 - 08:48)

      Great City & People and wonderful shopping!

    5. @M - (6 Jul 2018 - 09:34)

      Hola M,
      There are few H&M in Barcelona. One is on Rambla, 131 right in city centre.

    6. H&M - M (6 Jul 2018 - 09:12)

      Is there H&M store in Barcelona ?

    7. cool store - peter (23 Oct 2016 - 11:26)

      i went to this amazing store in born very trendy area
      the store called kabinet74 if you like vintage and nordic stuff for your house it is a great place to shop .
      also the guys who own the place are soo nice the explain about the city and and the stuff they sell .
      check instagram for the adres kabinet74

    8. CHERRY HEEL - BEST SHOE BOUTIQUE IN BARCELONA - Jessica (25 Jun 2016 - 18:16)

      I've always loved Barcelona with Paseo de Gracia district for shopping, but last time I just get lost on its neighborhood streets and I found a real treasure for me - CHERRY HEEL, charming boutique in Mallorca street Nº 273 with lovely selection of Italian designer shoes. There I found my beloved Casadei shoes and I also discovered some new brands for me:Valetti, Le Silla, Sebastian and some brands for men. Valetti wedges just fitted me perfectly, I choose a powder rose pair (from all 8 colors available was really hard to do) and for my London daily life I've got a nice pair of black stilettos with suede details. For each and every shoe addict as me, I definitely recommend this place for various reasons: cozy designer atmosphere with peculiar details (I also had my glass of Cava), multibrand concept with great Italian quality designs (from flats to evening sandals with Swarovski crystals, very posh ones) and professional girls with fluent English.

    9. shoping shoes - jc (18 Feb 2016 - 08:28)

      Number Shoes is a shoe for men and women, with international firms, Opening Ceremony; Miista; Vagabond, Swear. Sitruada in the Born district.
      The deal is magnificent and a selection of footwear design and quality. Strongly Recommended

    10. BCN - Erik (25 Nov 2015 - 11:32)

      I love visit Barcelona. There are a lot of attractions to visit, like Gaudi’s buildings, the sea, the views of tividabo, the wide range of restaurants, the big avenue of Paseo de Gracia full of the best stores perfect to shopping, etc.

    11. Magic city - Randal (18 Nov 2015 - 08:32)

      Barcelona is a magic city, all full of art and creativity. I love the Gaudi’s architecture; la Pedrera and Casa Batllo are the best, located in Paseo de Gracia. Amazing colors, forms, it’s an experience

    12. Amazing! - Andy (9 Oct 2015 - 09:16)

      Last month I travelled with my friends to Barcelona and visited Paseo de Gracia. We´ve listened about its shops and restaurants. It´s an amazing place in which you can buy, eat, walk and have fun. I 100% recommend it.

    13. Amazing Barcelona - Karly (7 Oct 2015 - 08:50)

      I love shopping in Paseo de Gracia (Barcelona) is an awesome experience! You can buy everything: from clothes to exclusive jewellery. If you want to eat you can choose among different places and types of food.

    14. best shop - Santy (16 Sep 2015 - 10:10)

      I love shopping in Barcelona. My favorite place is Paseo de Gracia, the big luxurious avenue. I can find there the best designers and stores.

    15. Paseo de Gracia shopping - patrick (8 Sep 2015 - 14:30)

      to shop in barcelona, the best place is Paseo de Gracia. Amazing boutiques, stores, restaurants, hoteles,.. everything in one street. Wonderful.

    16. Lovely Barcelona - Kris (8 Aug 2015 - 11:08)

      I love Barcelona! Is a perfect place to disconnect! :)
      A lot of attractions, things to do.. I love to take a weekend and go there to shop in the big avenue Paseo de Gracia. Amazing, all luxury brands, international fashion brands.. its crazy.

    17. Amazing Paseo Gracia - Braian (16 May 2015 - 08:20)

      I just have arrived from Barcelona! Our hotel was located on Paseo de Gracia, it is the most beautiful street I have ever seen, and you can find here all attractions within walking distance!

    18. craft shops - nana janet (5 Mar 2014 - 09:45)

      does anyone know of a craft shop in Barcelona where I can get stuff for sewing, particularly wadding for knitted toys?

    19. great shopping city - love (13 Dec 2013 - 10:15)

      Love to shop in Barcelona around the Passeig de Gracia.. Shops are just awesome and I'm particularly looking for young creators..

    20. cool de faire son shopping à Barcelone - françoise (8 May 2012 - 13:00)

      Barcelone est une belle ville pour faire son shopping, plein de petites boutiques vraiment sympas.

    21. Normandie, cute baby clothing shop - Anne (19 Mar 2012 - 17:45)

      Second time in Barcelona and enough to get off the tourist trail. I´m french, but live in the States and it´s a pleasure to discover a baby clothing brand with such a nice design and high quality fabrics. The brand name is Normandie ( but the site is not translated yet), and the little boutique I´ve visited was located in the middle of the Eixample, and in front of a nice restaurant (Cerveceria La Catalana). I really recommend the boutique to any mother o anyone that want to make a gift!

    22. right on time for winter sales - shop (11 Jan 2012 - 09:15)

      Coming soon to barcelona. perfect for winter sales!

    23. STAY AWAY from Lisa Regals - Botiga de souvenirs, 20 Carrer de la Princesa, Barcelona - European tourist (18 Jul 2011 - 09:00)

      Stay away from this souvenir shop! We were checking out a T-shirt to buy as a gift to a 4 year-old, but the one in the store was to small. Then the guy working there pleasently said he would check in the back for the right size. After a few moments he came back with the right size and it was wrapt up in a concealed plastic bag. When we arrived back home, it was way to big and the guy actually had cut off the tag in the neck. He even made a hole in the shirt while trying to remove the tag. What an unbelivable loser, especially when the buyer of the shirt was 10 years old.

    24. shopping à Barcelone - Etienne V (27 Mar 2011 - 11:15)

      une belle ville pour le shopping même si ce n'est pas Londres ou Paris.. Mais super quand même. Presque toutes les boutiques petites ou grandes marques sont dans le même coin ce qui n'est pas désagréable voir génial.. Quelques créateurs locaux ou espagnols à suivre.

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