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The Costa Brava and Costa Dorada

Visit our beautiful Catalonia regions

The Costa Brava is a 160 kilometer stretch of beautiful, rugged coastline in the region of Catalonia in the North East corner of Spain. Natural beauty, endless miles of sandy beaches and summer

sunshine. You'll find modern, international tourist resorts with high-rise hotels alongside unspoilt fishing villages, sheltered rocky coves and medieval towns with ancient castles.

For your stay: Our preferred hotels in the Costa Brava + Check out our Costa Brava Tours


The Costa Dorada or Costa Daurada (The Golden Coast) The color of gold - soft, warm and bright - is predominant along the marine littoral in the southern part of Catalonia and has rightly given it the name of Costa Dorada (Golden Coast). The 20 towns that make up the Costa Dorada cover a marine littoral 216 kilometers long, 786 hectares of spacious beaches with clean fine sand and transparent shallow water. Between the sea and the mountain range there are wide areas filled with peaceful towns and farmlands, where vineyards, olive groves, carobs, hazel trees and almond trees grow, and occasionally even vegetable gardens.

For your stay: Our preferred hotels in the Costa Dorada

  • La Costa Brava Catalonia Spain

    Costa Brava

    beaches, restaurants, museums, hotels..

    Tourism guide of the Costa Brava in Catalonia. Places to see: beaches, restaurants, museums, hotels..

  • Costa Dorada Spain

    Costa Dorada

    cities, museums, beaches, restaurants, hotels...

    Tourism guide of the Costa Dorada - South of Catalonia. Places to see: cities, museums, beaches, restaurants, hotels...


Recommended Catalonia tours

    Montserrat & Gaudi's Crypt

    Montserrat & Gaudi's Crypt

    Roundtrip from Barcelona

    This daytrip to Montserrat is a chance to escape the city craziness of Barcelona and satisfy your craving for calm. At the top of a distinctive mountain (its name means "Serrated Mountain" in Catalan) you'll see some spectacular art, mooch about one of Catalonia’s most magnificent places, and even enjoy a spot of liqueur tasting.

    Dali Museum: Skip the line ticket

    Dali Museum: Skip the line ticket

    + Transfer by bus from Barcelona

    Inaugurated in 1974, the Dalí Museum contains the broadest range of works spanning the artistic career of Salvador Dalí (1904-1989), from his earliest artistic experiences and his surrealist creations down to the works of the last years of his life.

    One day trip to PortAventura

    One day trip to PortAventura

    From Barcelona

    PortAventura Park offers 40 attractions that will delights adrenaline junkies. Discover Angkor and you embark on a fantastic adventure in lost kingdom, go for the 8 loops of vertigo of Dragon Khan, rising to 100m free drop test Hurakan Condor or try Furius Baco, the fast shuttle that will launch you from 0 to 135km/h in less than 3.5 seconds. 

    Costa Brava – Day Pass

    Costa Brava – Day Pass

    From Costa Brava to Barcelona

    Visit Barcelona from the Costa Brava: discover the Sagrada Familia with a skip the line ticket. Take advantage of the hop-on hop-off bus to visit the city and its main monuments with 20% off for many attractions with our " Day Pass".


We Recommend

These are the most recommended things to do in Barcelona for your holidays.

    Hotels in the city centre

    Hotels in the city centre

    Our selection of the best hotels

    Let us show you our selection of hotels we recommend in the city centre of Barcelona! Lodging in the city centre will be the way to assure the visit of most of the major monuments by walking..

    Hop-on Hop-off Tours

    Hop-on Hop-off Tours

    3 main routes, 45 stops..

    Discover Barcelona at your own pace, make as many stops as you need. We offer 3 interconnected routes and 45 stops. Hop-on Hop-off tour is the easiest way to see all the sights.  

    Camp Nou Tour

    Camp Nou Tour

    Visit the FC Barcelona stadium

    The FC Barcelona club offers you the opportunity to visit its mythical stadium. The Camp Nou tour begins with the locker room then you will follow the tunnel that leads to the stadium's lawn ... Chills guaranteed!

  • Park Guell Tickets

    Visit of the Gaudi Park Güell in Barcelona

    Discover the Parc Güell in the best conditions by booking your ticket in advance. Antoni Gaudí was a visionary architect who wanted to combine the city and nature to make life more pleasant. This garden city is not only a modernist work, it is an example of urban construction that is still relevant today. 



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    Sono circa 4 anni che mi reco, con una certa assiduità, a Barcellona. Da quando, cioè, le mie due figlie Chiara e Gaia, hanno deciso di trasferirvisi per lavoro e si sono così bene inserite nel tessuto cittadino, che quando Gaia ha deciso di fare un figlio, non è tornata a Roma, sua città natale, ma ha preferito far nascere la sua splendida Beatrix a Barcellona, sua città di adozione. Barcellona è una città meravigliosa, come i suoi abitanti. Col tempo, mi sono anch'io innamorato di questa città e della Catalunya in generale, tanto che l'anno prossimo mi trasferirò anch'io da quelle parti. Credo alla foce dell'Ebro. Spero di essere accettato con benevolenza dai cittadini di questa bellissima Regione, come è già avvenuto con le mie ragazze. A proposito, sono già tifoso, da diverso tempo, della squadra di calcio più forte del mondo: il BARCELLONA. A presto...........

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    Soy de Uruguay en Latinoamérica. Tuve el placer de estar en Barcelona y es realmente hermosa como ciudad.
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    Soy una uruguaya (Uruguay.Latinoamérica), que estuvo de viaje en Barcelona. Quedé encantada de todo lo que conocí. Espero poder volver algún día. Me gusta mucho la página web de ustedes y me encantó el video, ya que me hizo recordar muy buenos momentos vividos allí.
    Jo estic aprendre catalá. Poc a poc. M'agradaría poder parlar. Moltes graciès. Adeu.
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    Solo quieria comentar que en Catalunya tambien tenemos la montaña como los pireneis sobre tode en invierno me encanta disfrutar de la nieve en estaciones de esqui de primera como por ejemplo la molina. En puedes encontrar viajes organizadod incluido el transporte desde barcelona directo a la nieve.

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    Nos gustaría saber cuantas personas acuden al día en las playa de las Cuestas Brava, Dorada, Maresme...una estadistica.

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