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Sunday March 18th 2018 - 16:15
FC Barcelona
Athletic Club de Bilbao
18 2018
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FC Barcelona vs Athletic Club de Bilbao Tickets

FC Barcelona tickets - La Liga
Match : FC Barcelona vs Athletic Club de Bilbao
Date : 18 March 2018 - 16:15
Competition : La Liga
Stadium : Camp Nou , Barcelona , Spain
Date and time confirmed

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If you buy two tickets, we guarantee seats together, that is side-by-side in the Camp Nou stadium. 225 € buy tickets
If you buy two tickets, we guarantee seats together, that is side-by-side in the Camp Nou stadium. 245 € buy tickets
If you buy two tickets, we guarantee seats together, that is side-by-side in the Camp Nou stadium. 170 € buy tickets
If you buy two tickets, we guarantee seats together, that is side-by-side in the Camp Nou stadium. 145 € buy tickets
If you buy two tickets, we guarantee seats together, that is side-by-side in the Camp Nou stadium. 140 € buy tickets
If you buy two tickets, we guarantee seats together, that is side-by-side in the Camp Nou stadium. 140 € buy tickets
If you buy two tickets, we guarantee seats together, that is side-by-side in the Camp Nou stadium. 135 buy tickets
If you buy two tickets, we guarantee seats together, that is side-by-side in the Camp Nou stadium. 375 buy tickets

Camp Nou seating plan

Camp Nou, FC Barcelona

2 seats together guaranteed

If you buy two tickets, we guarantee seats together, that is side-by-side in the Camp Nou stadium.

Due to the availability of seats at the time of your purchase, for groups of more than two people, we will do our best to place you together without being able to guarantee it. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Match date and time

Match date and time are subject to change till 10 days before the event. We advise to check occasionally the correct date and time and make your personal arrangements for attending the match on the new date and time.

We are sorry but no refunds can be made for rescheduled matches - tickets will be valid to the new date and time.

Guaranteed tickets delivery

To be 100% sure that you will get your tickets on time, tickets are delivered only to Barcelona and its region, 2 or 3 days before the match by hand to your hotel or private address.

For those who do not have an address in Barcelona, an office is open 4 hours before the meeting, near the Camp Nou stadium for tickets delivery.

Pricing policy

Our customer-oriented policy is to sell a service called Ticket Package. We do not sell the ticket only. The Ticket Package, depending on the city or the event, may include: the event tickets, a souvenir, a city guide book or map, and home delivery service...

In many occasions, in order to guarantee the Ticket Package availability for our customers, we have to buy the Ticket Package at a higher price than their face value. Hence, our tickets can be more expensive than the tickets real price (face value).

No stress

After more than 25 years of selling FC Barcelona tickets, we can sell up to 2500 tickets per meeting, which is an organizational challenge and proves our expertise. 1st Official Agency by the number of sales, our tickets and their delivery are guaranteed. Stress in on our side, not yours !

In case of doubt or emergency, we have a telephone number that is there to help you 24/24. This line is open 72 hours before each match of the Barça. Do not hesitate to use it. We answer in several languages.

Can´t attend the event?

We promise to refund the price of your purchase, when the reason is of the utmost importance, in case you cannot attend the game you must inform us 20 days prior to the game and there will be only be a 5% cancelation fee, according to our terms and conditions set out in our web site.

These conditions are only valid for the league games, except the games between Barcelona-C.F.Real Madrid and the Champions League games.

More questions?

Are children admitted? Why game’s time changes? How do I change a data in my order? Check out the FAQs

Video: Last match FC Barcelona vs Athletic Club de Bilbao at Camp Nou on 4 February 2017:


Your Barcelona football ticket for the FC Barcelona vs Athletic Club de Bilbao : A passport for an extraordinary evening at Camp Nou!

Seeing FC Barcelona in its Camp Nou stadium is an unforgettable moment for all those who have experienced it. This FC Barcelona vs Athletic Club de Bilbao football match will certainly not break the rule. In La Liga, the Spanish Championship, playing in Barcelona is an event for both small and big Spanish teams. They come to Camp Nou to shine and win. Imagine the resistance Barcelona must offer in every match to hold its own. This is typical of the big clubs that can never lower their level of play for the matches with stakes, as against the smallest teams in the standings. Barcelona's club members know it and never let down their guard either.
If "Mes que un club" (more than a Club) is their motto, it should not be forgotten that the socios are also owners of the FC Barcelona, once a member through an annual subscription, they have the right to vote for the election of their President. A very democratic functioning that favors the public's enthusiasm during each FC Barcelona match, a family atmosphere also because it is not uncommon to see whole families going to the Camp Nou stadium for each match.
So, it's your turn to taste the unequalled emotion of watching a match at Camp Nou, when you buy FC Barcelona vs Athletic Club de Bilbao tickets for the match on 18 mars 2018.


Camp Nou Stadium: where is the Camp Nou ?
Address : Carrer d'Arístides Maillol 08028, Barcelona, Spain

How to get there by public transport ?
Bus lines : 7, 15, 43, 67, 68, 74, 75, L12, L50, L60, L62.
Metro : Line 3 (Get off at Maria Cristina or Les Corts) and Line 5 (Get off at Collblanc or Badal).

Note :
On matchdays, the visit of the Camp Nou and the museum of FC Barcelona are partially closed. Prefer the day before or the next day for the Camp Nou visit.

More infos about the Camp Nou

Last comment
fc Barcelona win
hugo (15 Sep 2017 - 08:48)
3-0 for me!
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  1. fc Barcelona win - hugo (15 Sep 2017 - 08:48)

    3-0 for me!

  2. go go barça - messi (2 Feb 2017 - 13:02)

    2-0 for me!

  3. barcelone v Bilbao - G Watson (18 Dec 2016 - 10:14)

    When will game be confirmed for 5th February and k.o. time?

  4. A must win - Ngete Ya Nekulu (18 Jan 2016 - 10:10)

    Both of our two Madrid based rivals have won their games, please MSN, we rely on you guys, we can't loose this game

  5. barcelona - gideon (15 Jan 2016 - 08:48)

    hmmmmmmmmm Barcelona please we will win de match please messi

  6. Goals - Miracle (12 Sep 2014 - 09:45)

    Barca is winning 3-0

  7. wishes you the best - Gasco (5 Sep 2014 - 09:30)

    wishing all the players best of luck

  8. Is very very sure,bibao will cry! 7 zero. - S P or phillip (5 Sep 2014 - 09:30)

    Barcelona d best of all time

  9. go go barça! - tim (1 Sep 2014 - 09:15)

    love that team.. You'll win for sure.

  10. Love - Anon (30 Aug 2014 - 11:00)

    Neymar and Messi <3 LOVE THEM

  11. ruhallah - iran (29 Aug 2014 - 09:15)

    i love you messi

  12. Never Give Up. Up Barcer. - Barcelona For Ever. (22 Apr 2014 - 11:15)

    Barcelona's Officials You Have To Find Yongs Defensive Midfilders In Oder To Maintain (pro-long) Your Action, So That, We As Your Supporters, We Should Be On Happy When We Are Watching Your Games. Thank You.

  13. we can still win the laliga - standsh pasi (22 Apr 2014 - 11:15)

    Mr Martino we want the best squad until the last Barca down in africa

  14. Barcelona vs Atletico Bilbao - Kay (19 Apr 2014 - 08:30)

    Barcelona can still win the trophy

  15. good - sherdil (28 Apr 2012 - 10:15)

    it was very good play everythung ok pep guardiola stay here in barcelona from tajikistan dushanbe

  16. Buen equipo sigue ladelant gracias x hacer feliz a los q le gust el futbol - Jovanny (29 Mar 2012 - 09:00)

    Graciar x ser el mejor equipo del mundo...

  17. partido del fc barcelona - monica (8 Feb 2011 - 17:45)

    porfabor que alguien me confirme cuando es el partido si el dia 19 o 20 de febrero?????gracias

  18. Dia - Jose (5 Feb 2011 - 00:00)

    Juegan el sabado o el domingo???

  19. Infrom me - Benjamin and Fan of barcelona that is 10 years old (3 Jan 2011 - 10:15)

    I love barcelona and i need to get informed about Barcelona and here is my e-mail

  20. LIONEL MESSI - OMOLADE OLUFEMI (26 Dec 2010 - 16:00)

    i am very glad for what MESSI did on that day, so my advise for him is to put more effort.

  21. comment on the march - muhammad abdullahi (24 Dec 2010 - 10:15)

    Actualy i am happy with the game in another way, but the anlly thing we did not wornd the game. it is nomal in life one will not have all his need. finally i am greatable with all the players and the management in genaral. my regard to coach for absoluite work agains madric.

  22. hi - hameed karimi (24 Dec 2010 - 10:15)

    how are u? iam very fan to barcelona i am from Afghanistan i live in kabul city
    i like messi

  23. pepe - pedro (22 Dec 2010 - 11:00)

    hasta que edad pagan los niño

  24. Saludos - Juan E. Hernandez (11 Dec 2010 - 12:30)

    Soy incha del mejor club del mundo BARCELONA,Felicidades por todo lo logrado y por el trio del balon de ORO, Y bamos por La Liga y la CHAMPION, en sitio de internet del equipo puedo adquirir productos ( Camisolas, chamarras, bufandas, etc.) originales, el problema, aqui, en West Palm Beach,Florida, EE.UU. No hay orijinales.

  25. hello - (10 Dec 2010 - 11:00)

    i am barcelona fan i will like to more about you.
    pls i will like you to reply me back.

    this is my email address:

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