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Camp Nou Tour tickets
From € 28.00

Camp Nou Stadium

What is the Camp Nou Stadium tour?

Visiting the Camp Nou Stadium is an immersive experience in the heart of a match-winning machine where everything - or almost everything - will be granted to you!

Imagine you are a Barça player on a competition night. Like them, you first discover the changing rooms of the visiting players, its jacuzzi, then the chapel, and finally the tunnel where the players enter the stadium.


The emotion reaches its peak when you discover the immensity of the stadium and its ground. At the edge of the most mythical soccer field, you are allowed to sit on the benches of the players and the technical staff.


But unlike the players, your visit continues. You go up to the stands for a panoramic view and to visit the spectators' stands, the presidential stand, and the press stand capable of accommodating 192 journalists of the written press, 2 television channels, and some 28 booths for radios. You can also see the corridor reserved for post-game interviews, the famous mixed zone.


Camp Nou means "new ground" in Catalan. For you, this visit will also be a new experience!


Camp Nou stadium


Finally, for the experts, here is a more complete list of the different facilities and outbuildings inside the Camp Nou stadium: the dressing rooms, the players' chapel, the dressing rooms, the VIP boxes, the VIP room (Sala Paris), the press room, the television sets, the press booths, the technical services offices, the Sports Medicine Center, the Operational Control Unit (UCO), the former players' grouping room, the FC Barcelona museum, and outbuildings of various departments of the club.

We also give you all the dimensions of the stadium in Camp Nou Capacity and information about the new Camp Nou to come in 2025.


  • Hopefully, this will make you want to buy your ticket Camp Nou Tour, which includes not only the soccer stadium but also the FC Barcelona museum with more than a hundred years of history and cups!
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