La Boheme Bellart Chocolatery

El Balconet

El Balconet shop

El Balconet shop

El Balconet pottery

El Balconet pottery

El Balconet shop

El Balconet shop

El Balconet pottery

El Balconet pottery

El Balconet shop

El Balconet shop

El Balconet: Ceramics, crystal and porcelain, the typical materials from the Mediterranean culture and the one you will find in this shop.


You will see these materials with different shapes, sizes, as kitchen tools,… An excellent place to buy a nice souvenir of Barcelona for people that you love.


The designs of the objects from el Balconet are inspired in well-known designers, Catalan architects and, mainly, the Catalan and Barcelona cultures.


They offer from nice dinner services inspired in Gaudí works of art to typical pottery dishes from the Catalan culture as an object of decoration.


The owner of this store, Alex, has also two other shops very close to el Balconet, where you can also find souvenir’s objects and gifts: La Bohème and 2BIS.

El Balconet

Calle Ferran, 41, 08002 Barcelona, Spain

Area: Barrio Gótico
Phone: 934 123 195
Metro/Bus: Metro: linea L4 (amarilla) parada en "Jaume I"
Barcelona metro map
Last comment
from Janet (1 Sep 2015 - 09:12)
I am interested in some of your gaudy design wine glasses that i saw in your shop, where do i find some of your items on your website??
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  1. Items - from Janet (1 Sep 2015 - 09:12)

    I am interested in some of your gaudy design wine glasses that i saw in your shop, where do i find some of your items on your website??

  2. Inspired - Christina Henderson (20 Nov 2014 - 09:15)

    My family member just got back from
    Vacation and she was gracious enough to buy me the coolest suviornr from your shop...l just love love love the earh rock she chose for me! It a beautiful hand painted rock with a colorful butterfly and dragonfly on it. The detail I extrodenary. Thank you for sharing your gift of artistry with the world. C. Henderson, Riverside California

  3. decorative ceramic tile of the Blessed Virgin Mary - angie sajona (13 Nov 2014 - 08:30)

    hi, do you sell any decorative ceramic tile of the BVM?

  4. Great experience at the El Balconet Shop - MEC (18 Aug 2013 - 10:15)

    This was such a wonderful shop. As we walked in, we saw beautiful bold colors everywhere. Not so large and not overwhelming. My daughter and husband were quite patient as I carefully selected bowls and plates for our family and friends. And the prices were quite reasonable. The saleswomen were also patient and pleasant...They did not hover, which was nice. I certainly recommend this shop!!

    Unfortunately, we naively packed some of our purchased ceramics in our checked luggage. When we reached the states we had to wait a day or so for one locked suitcase to be delivered to our home...when I opened it up...some of the purchases from El Balconet were missing. I am trying not to dwell on this loss so much since we had such a wonderful time in Barcelona. I am anxious to find out if I can reach someone from El Balconet. I hope to purchase online or via phone for delivery to the states. Lesson learned.

  5. El Balconet - Vivian (2 Oct 2012 - 18:30)

    I loved this store. It has a ceramic products manufactured locally, but really different in style. Highly recommended if you want to bring something typical of Catalonia, without falling into the classic 'tourist' items. Good prices and excellent service. Worth a visit!!

  6. Pickpocket - German Tourist 2009 (4 Jan 2010 - 21:30)

    Be aware of pickpockets in the shop! And it seems that the shopkeeper and his old lady behind the tray are very well known to the two ladies, who are professional stealer. After the thievery she is talking to you in a canting way while her companion is disappearing. SO BE VERY CAREFUL or better AVOID DANGER BY NOT ENTERING THE SHOP!


    We received a gift of tile numbers which we can use to make a sign for our home. I was wondering if you have a listing of your products so that we can match these tiles and create another combination of numbers? If so please let us know where we can see your merchandise. Thank you.

    Virginia Wegener

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