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Osmosis - Barcelona

Osmosis - Barcelona

Osmosis - Barcelona

Osmosis - Barcelona

Osmosis - Barcelona

Osmosis - Barcelona

Osmosis - Barcelona

Osmosis - Barcelona

The restaurant in Barcelona with no menu

Osmosis Restaurant has been offering tasting menus for 10 years. And it is said soon !. Ten years dedicated to offer only fixed dishes that change every 15 days, without menu.

Is it innovation or a way to complicate your life? Because having to create a menu every 15 days is not easy. In fact, making numbers we speak of more than 500 menus and 2,000 dishes.


They have been doing it for a decade and, even their model, something strange, has consolidated like one of the gastronomic restaurants of Barcelona.

Its secret is surely the care of the details, the commitment to fresh products and search for an identity that differentiates them from the rest of restorers.


Osmosis, is in the heart of the Eixample, in Aribau street. The place in its beginnings was a house, something that is perceived when entering and in its different rooms. This interior architecture greatly facilitates intimacy, since we can practically talk about a number of different spaces with different capacities. Even for only two people. The layout makes it ideal for business meetings, celebrations between friends and even for a hand request (it would not be the first).


Going into those details of which I spoke at the beginning, Osmosis is a restaurant with tablecloth, complimentary appetizer and complete crockery. We will not find slates or natural woods to serve your dishes. It is rather classic in its room service, but innovative in its kitchen. In the designed  menus, a good culinary technique is appreciated and some of their dishes, under popular request, have been always present in those changing menus. The beginning and the end of each meal will never fail: its Foie micuit with vanilla apple to start and its dessert, Chocolates with spices and nuts. But what happens between them will vary depending on the date you visit.


Among the dishes of their menus we will usually find some rice. If there is, do not hesitate to ask. Whatever it is, it will be good. Fish, meat and seasonal products will be what make up the rest of the offer and, depending on hungry you are, you can make it more or less long: the XL of 9 courses, the one of 7 courses or the short of 5. Also, the menu of the day, which consists of 3 elaborations to choose among some of the dishes of their other alternatives.


As good gastronome, do not forget that the wines are almost an essential part of a good table. For this, they continue with their personal line and although we do have a wine list in which we can choose with "name and surname", so to speak, it is necessary to talk about their "table wine".

We have 5 different wines that we can only find in Osmosis. They are made solely and exclusively by and for them. Forget about that rough table wine that seems to have gotten there because no one wanted it. It has nothing to do with it. We speak of 5 wines made by different wineries in different areas of Catalonia, including a Cava Brut Nature, a cariñena, a Xarel.lo (typical grape of the Penedès), a Grenache and a Pedro Ximénez. We can say with all tranquility that they are unique wines born of different coupages chosen by their sommelier.


With this risky but successful formula, we could define Restaurant Osmosis as an eno-gastronomic restaurant. One of those places where you will eat very well with good value for money, where they offer you some dishes that make you wonder if you are not in a restaurant with Michelin Star. Between some things and others (its dishes, its wines and its space) is ideal to go without haste and to enjoy.

If you have a good stomach and appetite, do not hesitate, order the XL menu and take a sample of the renewed Catalan cuisine. And of course, with wine pairing.


You can get an idea by viewing their Instagram (@osmosisrestaurante), facebook or twitter (@_Osmosis_)



Luis Ramos from


Carrer Aribau, 100 , 08036 Barcelona, Spain

Area: Eixample left
Website: Osmosis - Barcelona
Opening hours: Monday to Saturday from 13:30 to 15:30 and 20 to 23 h. Closed on Sundays
Prices: Daily menu 25 €. Short menu 38 €, large 55€, XL menu 68 €. Without wine pairing
Phone: +34 934 545 201
Metro/Bus: Univestitat
Barcelona metro map
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