OpiumMar - Barcelona

OpiumMar - Barcelona

OpiumMar - Barcelona

OpiumMar - Barcelona

OpiumMar - Barcelona

Opium Mar - Barcelona

Plataforma Club Costa Breve

Opium Mar

If you want to enjoy the best house music in the best place come to Opium Mar. This is a nightclub but also a restaurant. The terrace is the biggest one of the city with beach views! A chic place where you can also book for special events or the make a private party.
This nightclub is located next to the famous Arts Hotel.

Opium Mar

Passeig Maritim de la Barceloneta, 34, 08003 Barcelona, Spain

Area: Barceloneta
Website: Opium Mar - Barcelona
Opening hours: 00:00 - 5.30h
Prices: 20€
Phone: 902 267 486
Metro/Bus: Metro: L4 Ciutadella / Bus: 57, 71, 92, 157,
Barcelona metro map
Hotels: Find your hotel in Barcelona in this area.
Last comment
Really disappointed. Violent and dirty place
J (2 Apr 2015 - 09:44)
Really bad place for a night out unless desperate I'm afraid. As many have mentioned, saw racism and violence towards women from the staff which would be completely unacceptable from any decent club in a first world country. Appalled to see this happening in Spain and I hope the authorities sort it out before guests assume this is normal for Barcelona.
On top of this, dirty floors, saw a girl being sick and it not getting cleared up for ages and the toilets weren't working. Pretty disgusting place! There are many better places.
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Last comments

Tami24 - 28 Feb 2024 - 08:34
Bar del Pla!!
Thank you for introducing us to the Bar del Pla. Great people, great atmosphere, great tapas and food.
teddyy - 28 Feb 2024 - 08:34
to visit in winter ;-)
to visit in winter otherwise it's packed... too famous ;-( was great
Barcelona.com - 19 Feb 2024 - 11:28
Hello Susan, The green tourist bus line is no longer in service and will not be next April. However, the red line now passes through the north of the city, where the green line used to run. Enjoy your visit!
Susan - 19 Feb 2024 - 11:24
Green Line
Will the green line be running on April 1? If not, is there a price reduction due to this reduced service?
Jacek Rosa - 13 Feb 2024 - 09:04
Dla mnie Barcelona to miasto Hiszpanii i wiele ciekawych zabytków oraz dużo turystów jest w nim tak na prawdę i myślę że jeszcze bym chciał tam polecieć bo chcę zwiedzić muzeum FC Barcelony i przejechać się kolejką linową jaka to jest atrakcja dla mnie najbardziej w tym ale wiem że dużo zwiedziłem z Adamem tych właśnie miejsc chociaż stałem się dobrym podróżnikiem ale radość we mnie jest w tym to jest najważniejsze w moim życiu codziennym Ja z Adamem stworzyłem najlepszą grupę przyjaciół w tej Hiszpanii tam na plaży Barceloneta skradłem całusy pięknym dziewczynom bo mi się podobają jak się legną do mnie takie osoby młode i to właśnie potrzebują dziewczyny tego mojego ciepła mojego ciała
Joris - 5 Feb 2024 - 16:00
AC 24
Are there possibilities to go on the water with hospitality boats to watch the race from the water?
Phil Hatcher - 1 Feb 2024 - 09:54
On water day trips during AC 37
I'd like some info as to how to book on water day trips to watch the America's Cup eg: Boat type / trip length / cost / what is supplied on the trip plus any other details I may have missed.
lucas - 31 Jan 2024 - 08:26
i love you so much

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  1. Really disappointed. Violent and dirty place - J (2 Apr 2015 - 09:44)

    Really bad place for a night out unless desperate I'm afraid. As many have mentioned, saw racism and violence towards women from the staff which would be completely unacceptable from any decent club in a first world country. Appalled to see this happening in Spain and I hope the authorities sort it out before guests assume this is normal for Barcelona.
    On top of this, dirty floors, saw a girl being sick and it not getting cleared up for ages and the toilets weren't working. Pretty disgusting place! There are many better places.

  2. Racist - Tom (21 Mar 2015 - 08:15)

    Racist institution, violent bouncers, full of greasy businessmen desperate for girls half their age.

    We entered as a group of 24, all wearing very similar clothes. The bouncers refused entry to our black friend and our two Asian friends on account of the 'dress code'. The rest of the group, who happened to all be white, were allowed in. In the 21st century this discrimination on the grounds of colour is not only disgusting, it is also illegal. This institution is spitting in the face of Martin Luther King.

    We asked to talk to the manager about this awful behaviour. The bouncer responded to our claims of racism by slapping one of us in the face, despite us being completely calm. Not only are the bouncers racist, they are violent egotistical men who enjoy abusing their power.

    Even if you ignore all of this, the club is dismal. Full of rich American tourists and low-life businessmen with nothing better to do than lust embarrassingly for girls 20 years their younger, and the music is chart rubbish. This place is devoid of any form of culture. The drinks are just as embarrassing - 9 euros for a lukewarm beer. Avoid this pit-hole of a nightclub. Absolutely disgusting.

  3. Decoração Top, Staff Flop - Pedro (9 Sep 2012 - 09:00)

    Entrei às cegas no Opium, sem qualquer referência do local. À porta entrei sem dificuldade, com a frieza habitual dos porteiros. 20€ com uma bebida para entrar. Caro, mas entrei...
    A decoração do local é muito boa, distinta, espaços bem amplos e iluminação correcta. O ambiente era uma mescla de garotas bebâdas e homens mais velhos. Fui ao bar da pista de dança e pedi um mojito à bartender, que sem muitas palavras apontou para outro bar que ali não serviam cocktails, no outro bar o barman apontou para outro bar. Isto tudo com uma indiferença e desdém atrozes. Finalmente, no bar onde poderia tomar o mojito, a bartender, ainda pior que os outros 2, disse que a senha não servia para cocktails. Pedi um screwdriver, e para esse dava. Serviu-me a bebida como se fosse um grande favor.
    A seguir, visto que um mojito custa 17€ (!) e uma bebida 12€ (!), pedi uma cerveja (8€!) no bar da pista, mas estive que esperar um pedaço, não que o bar estivesse cheio, pelo contrário, mas pela disponibilidade da bartender que estava a experimentar os sapatos da sua colega de bar...
    A música, house má e obsoleta (Beyoncé - Crazy in Love deve ter sido a menos antiga e a menos ruim), mas que serve para animar garotas embriagadas e por conseguinte arrastar os homens para a pista também.
    Para finalizar, outro bar junto ao terraço para a praia. Esperava pela vez enquanto um barman atendia um cliente, após esse cliente ser servido, apareceu uma rapariga que foi prontamente atendida por ele. Esperei então que o colega dele de bar se dirigisse, visto que estava encostado, literalmente a coçar os tomates. Nada. Até que chegaram 3 garotas que ficaram ao meu lado no balcão e, de repente, ele dá um pulo e vai atendê-las. Triste figura. Fugi logo daquele sítio.
    Se quer ir pelo décor e visual, ok, se quer ir pelo ambiente, há locais melhores e mais baratos. Mas com aquela música e aquele staff, não há ambiente e decoração que valha a pena. Má experiência, não recomendo a ninguém.

  4. Opinion Opium Mar, everything in our view - ajimix (9 Oct 2011 - 18:00)

    After half a year in the club, Opium Mar Barcelona, finally I can write a good review about it. It's a nice looking place, good people and good music, but not too much to expect.

    This are my evaluations ofter 6 months of looking how the club works.

    Opium Mar door keepers are just like robots, you can't talk with them, they look too much at the people and if they don't feel good for them they kick you off without reason.
    I have seen with my eyes girls that got kicked from Opium in a really bad way, violation of intimate and aggression. They put them into an elevator and kick them from the club. I don't think that thats a good way to ask someone to leave.

    Don't ask for anything if you are not a girl, the door keepers dont ever respond, they just overlook you and stay ahead without saying nothing.

    Minimum age for entry at Opium Mar Barcelona its 21, but depends on the day, they say its 23. Girls are more permissive, I have found girls that are 16 years old inside the club.

    At 6 am, start running away or you, again will be kicked from the club in bad ways, they push you and get you off the club without even asking first.

    Don't try to buy drinks, they are just too expensive, 12€ for a drink, in my opinion, not good enough for that club. But its Opium Mar decision.

    Entrance it's 20€ for person without any drink, but you can get a free entry before 1:30 am, just try to find people that give free flyers around the place.

    Restrooms are just full every time, too much queue, as a boy you can just have to wait for more than 15 minutes.

    They go over capacity almost every night, so expect a crowded place where you can't ever dance without getting pushed or pissed.

    Again, remember, good music, good people but don't expect good staff.

    In my opinion, Opium Mar its not the best club to go in Barcelona.

    Enjoy the night.

  5. No vuelvo a esta discoteca nunca más - Kristin (11 Sep 2011 - 11:15)

    He estado en Opium varias veces en la zona VIP, que es muy cara y no esta tan bien. Ayer fui, pero sin mesa, tuve que pagar 20 euros para la entrada, y cada copa vale 13 y la cerveza 8, muy caro incluso para la cantidad y sobretodo por el trato y servicio. Tuvimos un problema con gente que trabajaba ahí y en lugar de intentar ayudar pasaban de lo que les contabas (con mucho respeto en todo momento, no como ellos) y no te ofrecían ningún tipo de ayuda. Encima cuando pides la hoja de reclamaciones tardan una eternidad en traértela y encima lo hacen con un trato pésimo. Es un sitio que no voy a recomendar a nadie, hay muchas discotecas mucho mejores, más baratas y que la gente que trabaja ahí no te mira por encima del hombro y te trata sin respeto.

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