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ZBE Barcelona Low Emission Zone

ZBE Barcelona Low Emission Zone

How to get around Barcelona?

Barcelona's Low Emission Zone (ZBE) - LEZ in the UK -is a traffic regulation zone aimed at reducing air pollution that has been in force since 2020.


The ZBE Barcelona at a glance:

> All vehicles travelling on weekdays between 7am and 8pm in the Barcelona ZBE must be registered with the "ZBE Metròpolis de Barcelona" service.

>> However, you can cross Barcelona without authorisation via the Ronda de Dalt (B20) and the Ronda Litoral (B10), for example to reach Barcelona airport from the north of the city.

>>> You can travel freely in the ZBE at weekends and on public holidays.

ZBE Barcelona




What is a ZBE in Spain?

A Low Emission Zone (ZBE) is known as "Zona de Bajas Emisiones" in Spain, ZBE in Belgium, LEZ in the UK (Low-Emission Zone), ZTL in Italy (Zone a traffico limitato), ZFE in France (Zone à Faibles Emissions in force in Paris, Lyon, Montpellier). In this zone, access and circulation of the most polluting vehicles is limited. 


Which foreign vehicles are affected by the ZBE in Barcelona?

Vehicles registered outside Spain are not classified according to the environmental criteria of the DGT, the Spanish traffic authority. Therefore, all foreign vehicles must be registered before they can drive in the low emission zones. Only vehicles registered in Spain are required to wear the sticker.

The most polluting vehicles are banned.

Vehicles that do not meet the Euro 3 (for petrol vehicles) or Euro 4 (for diesel vehicles) standards are not allowed to drive in the LEZ.


Which are the timetables for the Barcelona BIA?

The BIA operates on weekdays, Monday to Friday from 7am to 8pm.

It does not operate at weekends from Friday 8pm to Monday 7am and on public holidays.

However, during the week you can cross the city without being registered only if you take the Ronda de Dalt (B20) and the Ronda Litoral (B10).


List of public holidays in Barcelona in 2023

1 January: New Year's Day

6 January: Epiphany

7 April: Easter Friday

10 April: Easter Monday

1 May: Labour Day

29 May: Whit Monday

24 June: Saint John's Day

15 August: Feast of the Virgin Mary

24 September: La Mercè

26 September: Local Festival

12 October: Spanish National Day

1 November: All Saints' Day

6 December: Constitution Day

8 December: Immaculate Conception

25 December: Christmas

26 December: San Esteban


Map of Barcelona Low Emission Zone - ZBE: 


ZBE Barcelona




How to obtain the right to travel in the Barcelona ZBE?

The owner of the vehicle must apply for registration of the vehicle in the Metropolitan Register on the ZBE Metròpolis de Barcelona  website, following the procedure indicated. Please have your vehicle documents ready - and patience!


How long does it take to get the right to travel in the Barcelona ZBE?

The vehicle registration application will be processed (accepted, refused or returned as incomplete) within 15 working days of submission. During this period, until you receive confirmation of the registration, the vehicle is not considered registered and is therefore not allowed to enter the low emission zones. This applies to both vehicles that meet the environmental standards and those that do not and are seeking day permits.

A good point: If the user does not de-register their vehicle, it will remain on the register permanently, provided they continue to meet the requirements.


How much does the Barcelona ZBE cost?

A one-off administrative fee of EUR 7 will be charged for the registration procedure for vehicles that meet the requirements for driving in low emission zones.

In the case of vehicles requiring occasional entry into low emission zones, an administrative fee is charged for each one-day permit. This fee may be revised and the amount is published annually.

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